10:30-10:45 Welcome and Introduction
10:45-12:30 Session I: Early Examples
  1. Christian Ratcliff (Kanagawa University)
    Gods in the Trees: Kemari Makes the Jump from Game to Art in 12th Century Japan
  2. Riley Soles (Yale University)
    The Rise of the Kami : Beyond a Shinto-Buddhist Syncretism in Premodern Japan
  3. James Tink (Tohoku University)
    Shakespeare, Art and Show Business
12:30-14:00 Break for lunch
14:00-15:45 Session II: Modern/Contemporary Moments ①
  1. Yūji Nawata (Chuo University)
    Reconsidering the Relationship between Phantasmagoria and Goethe's Faust
  2. Stefan Buchenberger (Kanagawa University)
    The Rise of the Graphic Novel
  3. Francoise Lavocat (University Sorbonne Nouvelle)
    How Fiction has Filled the Gap between Popular and Academic Culture
15:45-16:05 Coffee Break
16:05-17:50 Session III: Modern/Contemporary Moments ②
  1. Kai Mikkonen (University of Helsinki)
    Comics as Art, Art as Comics
  2. Rina Tanaka (Meiji University)
    Beyond the Oedipus Complex: The “Flop” of Freudiana, the Viennese
    Musical that Dreamed of Being both Entertainment and Art
  3. Tracy Lassiter (University of New Mexico - Gallup)
    The Elevation of Street Art: Subversion Goes Mainstream Discussion
17:50-18:00 Closing Remarks

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