Program & Schedule

10:30-10:45 Welcome and Introduction
10:45-12:30 Session I: The Enemy Within
(Chair: James Tink)
  1. Franz Hintereder-Emde (Yamaguchi University)
    "He and I were the same person": Struggle for Identity in Natsume Soseki’s The Miner
  2. Stefan Buchenberger (Kanagawa University)
    The Enemy Within: The Strange Story of Dr. Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk
  3. Hiroshi Hatakeyama (University of the Sacred Heart)
    "Nihilism" as the Enemy in the Writings of Erich Kästner and Michael Ende
12:30-14:00 Break for lunch
14:00-15:45 Session II: The Antagonistic Dynamic in Media
(Chair: Bernard Wilson)
  1. Hiroko Katsuyama (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
    Enemy or Friend?: The Possibility of Coexistence between Robots and Human Beings
  2. Robert F. Wittkamp (Kansai University)
    Deconstructions of Good and Evil in Quality TV: Dexter, The Shield, and Breaking Bad under Observation
  3. Mohammad A. Quayum (International Islamic University, Malaysia)
    Imagining the “Enemy”: Adversarial Roles in the Fiction of Tagore and Bellow, Two Nobel Laureates
15:45-16:05 Coffee Break
16:05-17:50 Session III: Negotiating Antagonism in Social Contexts
(Chair: David Ewick)
  1. Colin S. Smith (University of Hong Kong)
    Is There a Japanese Bohemia?: Counterculture, Mainstream, and Modernity
  2. Kimie Ōshima (Kanagawa University)
    Aggressive Humor Directed Against Social Enemies
  3. Michael Wetzel (University of Bonn)
    Specters of the Other: Carl Schmitt and Jacques Derrida on Enmity
17:50-18:00 Closing Remarks

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