The Institute annually issues the Bulletin of the Institute for Humanities Research (which can be accessed from this website) as well as the Kanagawa University Studies in the Humanities Series. The Institute also publishes the Chinese and Japanese Culture Series, co-edited with the Research Institute for Japanese Culture at Zhejiang University.

Kanagawa University Studies in the Humanities Series

(As of May 2012)

2011 Japanese Culture in the Age of Globalization
2011 Representing the Bodies of “Bad Women” and “Good Women”
2010 The Use of Colors in Symbols around the World: Aspects of Nature, Language and Culture
2009 The History and Architectural Legacy of Foreign Settlements in China and Korea
2009 Reading Gender Politics: Between Representation and Practice
2008 “Japan” as Representation: New Developments in International Japanese Studies
2007 Foreign Residents and the Globalization of Japanese Society: The Case of Yokohama
2006 Global Perspectives on Japanese Culture: Towards the Construction of a Multicultural Society
2005 Japanese Settlements in China: Chongqing, Hankou, Hangzhou, Shanghai
2005 The Shape of the New Culture: Language, Ideology, Lifestyle
2003 The Meiroku zasshi and its Context: Reception of Western Culture and the Ideology of Language
2002 The Borderline between History and Literature
2001 Essays on Japanese and Chinese Culture
2000 Current Directions in Gender Politics
1999 Romanticism in Europe
1998 The Cosmology of Laughter
1997 Ritual and the Performing Arts
1996 Nation and Ethnicity: From a European to a Non-European World
1995 European Cities and Ideology
1994 Secret Societies and the State
1992 The Drama of the Sacred and the Secular
1991 The Labyrinth of the Indies: 1492-1992
1991 Aspects of Romanticism
1990 “People and the State”: Related Issues
1988 Considering Japan and China Now: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Culture

* Unless noted otherwise, the language of the above publications is Japanese
** For information about books in the Studies in the Humanities Series published prior to 1988, please contact the Institute.